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Carnatic Music Fundamental Theory – Sruthi and Laya in Indian Context

In this post I will be teaching the application of the concepts of Sruthi and Laya in Carnatic music. Let’s start with Raga and Taalam since Indian Carnatic Music mainly deals with Raga and Tala. Raagam is basically the scale of notes and Taalam is basically the rhythmic pattern but there is a significant difference […]

Carnatic Music Fundamental Theory – The Concept of Talam

In this post I will be explaining the concept of ‘talam’ in the context of Indian Carnatic music. What is Talam? Talam is the pattern we follow according to the Rhythm we need. There are different Talams which give different compositions various flavors and emotions. Let’s begin by taking the example of the first ‘talam’ […]

Carnatic Violin Bowing Techniques

In this post, we will learn various types of bowing techniques for playing Carnatic Violin. There are several basic bowing patterns in Carnatic Music. Types of Bowing Patterns These bowing patterns include: Long Bow (Moving the entire bow slowly across the string) Short Bow (Using only half of the bow across the string) Video Explanation