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Devandrone at HTAMF 2016

Hyderabad Tyagaraja Music Festival is a 3 day long interactive festival held to provide music lovers, a glimpse into the treasure trove of Saint Tyagraraja’s compositions and to also offer a platform to 200+ artists, to perform and participate in a Musical Aradhana.

Unlike most music festivals which offer the stage to eminent artists only, HTAMF brings together eminent and upcoming musicians together. With hundreds of artists and thousands of attendees, HTAMF for the past few years has been providing much needed spotlight and scale to Carnatic Music within the twin cities. A unique feature of this festival has also been the thought of rendering Pancharatna Kritis along with recording them through authentic singing and publishing a book which explains the meaning and bhava (emotion/mood) of the composition. The Foundation through HTAMF considered this exercise to be extremely important as it ensures safe and easy access of these gems in their original grandeur.

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